Electro Fence

The Electro-fence security system was developed to greatly enhance the physical perimeter fence by improving security at minimal cost. This system falls into the medium to high-level security bracket including all the basic elements of a quality security system.

Electric security fences-available product types:

  • Non-Lethal Electro Fence
  • Lethal Electro Fence


  • A high voltage shock combined with a physical barrier will deter anyone from attempting to penetrate the perimeter fence.
  • The detecting ability of a Value Additions electric fence energizer will give an alarm when the perimeter of the property being protected has been infiltrated.
  • By keeping the perimeter protected using an electric fence, the attempted break in of the protected area is delayed, giving additional time for a reaction team to respond.

Features & Benefits:

The walls and rooftops of buildings are protected with a 12 wire Electro-Fence. Where the top of a brick wall or the edge of a roof require protecting the use of 1 meter high sections using 12 wires is recommended.

  • Designed to deter & not to kill
  • Visual & Physical Intruder Deterrent
  • Employs High Voltage Pulses
  • Has Physical Zones
  • Monitor Breach I Fault Type and Zone/ System Health Monitoring
  • Can be integrated with CCTV & IR Sensors
  • Can message to owner call
  • Can be cover a long length meter required in industry with multi zone facility.

Why Electric Fence:

  • Cost Effective
  • Stand-alone Non-Lethal system
  • Easily constructed
  • Longer Life
  • Universal application
  • Simplicity & Flexibility
  • Indigenous

Essential Features:

  • Multi Sector Monitoring
  • Controller Continuous Monitoring
  • Line Supervision to Detect Broken or Tampering with Communication Lines
  • Spot Alarming
  • Intrusion Detection and Indication on PC GUI
  • Low Maintenance
  • Weather Resistant
  • Open ended for Expansion
  • Roll & re-use

For more details about Electro fencing security system then click here to download the file.