About Us


Value Additions Pvt. Ltd is a Company registered in Pakistan, aims to utilize its energy and resources for high standards of commercializing the advancements, hitherto not done in the country in Pakistan.


VAPL foresees itself to be a centre of excellence that will create strategic superiority over to competitors in providing engineering solutions and services to customer's requests and satisfaction with a win-win situation.


The strength of VAPL lies with its innovative approach and understanding to translate the technological developments into strategic impact through the efforts, experience, clear communication and commitment of its professionals, all seamlessly interconnected to boost the performance and profitability.


VAPL is business leader of five setups that work in an integrated environment:

  1. Industrial Lasers and Opto-Electronics
  2. Corrosion Management
  3. Invertors
  4. Electro Fence
  5. Solar Solutions